Somalia International University (SIU) is Non – profit, private institution and was officially inaugurated on December 25, 2012 by a group of Somali educators and businessmen who wanted to provide young students in Mogadishu with higher education of international standard.
SIU Philosophy and ASPIRATION
The administrators, faculty, and support staff of SIU strongly believe that Somali people have a right to good education. We think that through good education and character Somali people can successfully fight poverty, for the establishment of SIU and it will justify its existence by providing an inspirational learning experience in search of the straight path.
SIU aspires to be the leading source of the country’s brightest, most skillful, and ethical professionals and managers. SIU will produce graduates empowered with information, good knowledge, technical/social skills, and character.
SIU is a private institution of higher learning committed to the advancement of learning through teaching, research and service to society. Its mission is to produce qualified, capable, and morally sound graduates through educational excellence.SIU sets itself to accomplish the following four components of its overall mission:
To create an inspiring, safe, technologically advanced, and accessible learning environment.
To facilitate the advancement of knowledge through a creative research program and academic activities involving its faculty and students.
To disseminate knowledge, skills, and positive values through the design and development of quality academic programs, vocational trainings, seminars, and student activities.
To apply knowledge and skills through regional and national engagement to contribute to the process of national development and improving the quality of life of the Somali people.
Legal Establishment: Accredited by Ministry of Education, Somalia