Somali International University Library commenced operations with the University in 2012.  It is established to provide academic and intellectual support for teaching/learning programmes of the University.  This is being done through provision of information and knowledge to library users to meet their information, academic and research related needs in their various disciplines.

The Library now operates temporarily, in a small hall pending the construction of the University Library building which will take off with the rest of the phase I capital projects of the University.

The plan of the Library Administration is to have both physical library and e-library co-exist, but with more emphasis placed on the latter.  For this purpose, the library is building up its physical collection of books and serials publications on continuous basis and it is growing steadily.  Efforts are made to keep the collection alive and up-to-date.

e-library/virtual library

Apart from 40 stations we currently have, the expansion of e-library/virtual library is already going on. It will consist of 100 reader-stations to provide access to the internet for readers.  The University recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with different universities, making it the first of its kind in the country, which gives the University, staff and students access to over 600,000 full textbooks and other documents from academic and professional publishers in the global world of knowledge, just by a click of a button, whether they are on campus or outside. In addition, the MOUs provide possibility for short-time training for the staff and students, and also has the potential of facilitating linkages between the University and reputable universities.

The library opens to readers as follows:

During Session:     Saturday to Friday         –   8.00am  – 5.oopm

During Vacation:    Saturday to Friday         – 10.00am – 300 pm.

Bonafide students and staff of the University are eligible to register and use the library.  However, no student or staff may be allowed to use the library until he/she has been duly registered and has accepted to abide by all rules and regulations of the library.