Somali International University Hospital is an acute Private Hospital funded by the University. The Hospital is administered and managed in accordance with a Scheme of Management approved by the University. The current Scheme of Management was approved in November 2012. The property is vested in Trustees.

The Hospital has a total of 60 beds –50 In-Patient beds and 10 Day Care beds. The In-Patient specialties are General Medicine, Pediatrics, General Surgery and Obs/Gynecology, Maternity, Neurology, Cardiology and Oncology and Psychiatry. We also provide a twelve-hour A&E/ Injuries service each day every day.

Vision/Mission/ STRATEGIES/Objectives and core values


To differentiate ourselves among our competitors as the most patient friendly and easiest healthcare institution and venue for training of health care professionals.


To care and support health healing and learning of the humanity with emphasis in the knowledge, skills and attitude development of its staff.



  1. To strengthen the capabilities of the hospital in its curative, diagnostic and rehabilitative services.
  2. To be a venue of quality training of medical and other paramedical personnel.
  3. To venture into scientific researches along lines of prevalent diseases in Somalia.
  4. To adopt a social philosophy of community involvement as part of the hospital’s health advocacy program, focused on the hospital as a center for wellness.



  1. Undertake human resource development program to enhance the skills and capability of personnel
  2. Acquire modern and state-of-the-art equipment as a tool in its curative, rehabilitative and diagnostic services
  3. conduct training of medical and other paramedical personnel
  4. Strengthen revenue collection system to augment hospital resources
  5. Conduct researches along lines of prevalent diseases in the region
  6. Establish community linkages as part of the hospital’s health advocacy program

Hospital Core Values

We are committed to the highest ethical standards in our conduct.

We will empathise with and demonstrate sensitivity to patients and their families and help them to the best of our ability.

We share the Mission and Vision of the hospital and will do our part to achieve them.

We will foster a work environment of collaboration and partnership, trust and mutual respect.

We will uphold public trust in the healthcare profession by our conduct, standard of service and quality of medical care.

We will be receptive to ideas, suggestions and feedback so as to continuously improve and innovate.

Social Responsibility
We will be responsible members of the community in which we live and work.

CARE             Values
We will always practice CARE values when delivering care and services to our patients.