Faculty of Health Sciences

Message from the Dean, Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences

It is an honor to welcome you to the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences. Our mission is to provide an academically challenging, values based environment that prepares learners to be critically thinking health care professionals, global citizens, effective communicators, and responsible leaders in the context of our Islamic Values.

Somali International University is an institution with a strong developmental ambition. SIU is where everyone cares about each other and does their best to live by and interact in ways that demonstrate Islamic values and highly ethical principles. We are working to provide you with the best education and tools possible to get you ready for the world waiting for you.

As an Associate Dean, I work closely with the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences dedicated to arming you with the knowledge and skills that will truly help you make a difference. Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences is large Faculty but students have close working relationships and friendships with their lecturers.

To ensure and maintain the most relevant focus for our students, the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences maintains close ties with the healthcare professions through committee and board memberships in various disciplines.

We are in exciting times for the health professions as we study and practice in a rapidly changing healthcare environment. Through your education at Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences you will be involved in a journey that will provide you with the professional skills, knowledge, insights and experience required to compete for entry into and succeed at graduate level studies or workforce positions within your chosen profession.

As our students, you are the most valuable members of our team. Please feel free to contact me if you have any recommendations as to how we can do a better job or make a greater difference here in the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences.


The Vision of the Faculty is to develop high quality healthcare practitioners who exhibit lifelong learning, leadership and service as well as clinically, professionally, and culturally competent graduates.


The mission of the faculty is to train health professionals for the maintenance and development of health care delivery for Somalia and humanity in general.

For the school of medicine (MBBS), the mission is to train Medical Doctors for the maintenance and development of health care delivery in Somalia and humanity in general.

For the Nursing, Nursing and Midwifery, Public Health and Medical Laboratory Sciences, the mission is to produce nurses, midwives, public health officers and Medical Laboratory Scientists respectively, capable of working in health sector.


To organise courses leading to the award of degrees, diplomas, certificates and allied university qualifications in health science.

To produce well-trained health professionals on a sound scientific and professional basis in all aspects of health sciences   who are current and competent in the practice of medicine, nursing and laboratory sciences with compassion and expertise, guided by professional ethics and with the fear of Allah.

To conduct of research in the field of health sciences, conferences, seminars, studies and related activities.


Department of Medicine

Department of Nursing and Midwifery

Department of Public Health

Department of Laboratory Science


The programmes currently running  in the Faculty of Health Sciences at SIU are;

Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery  (MBBS)

Bachelor of Science in General Nursing  (B.Sc Nurs)

Bachelor of Science in Nursing and Midwifery  (B.Sc NMw)

Bachelor of Science in Public Health  (B.Sc PH)

Bachelor of Medical Laboratory Sciences  (BMLS)