Date:December 27, 2015

Director’s message

12404248_1066672993353461_960479180_nWelcome to the Somali International University (SIU)’s International Office,
On behalf of my invaluable and dedicated team, I take the opportunity to thank you for taking part of your invaluable time to skim through our webpage.
At the International Office, we are always dedicated to empower the Somali International University with necessary international linkages to further the transfer of knowledge and skills to both students and staff. Founded in 2013, the office works under the Office of the SIU President and works closely with deans and directors within the university; the office also ensures a good relationship with Embassies, security agencies and Immigration bureaus within Somalia and East Africa to ensure that it’s mandate is particularly well met.

The International Office continuously seeks for new partnerships and ensures smooth implementation of the existing ones. The office is also responsible for advising the University before negotiations of new partnerships are made and on other issues within the policy of internationalization. Some of the activities to this cause are; Ensuring comfort of International Staff during their engagement with SIU, Ensuring comfort of International Students/ and local students on placements or semester(s) abroad programs, Ensuring prompt immigration and visa clearance for our interns, students and staff and their comfort thereafter, Ensuring prompt transfer of any necessary fees regarding the international programs. Ensuring prompt communication and diplomatic negotiations with donors and any other international service providers.

Certain things can’t go unmentioned; at SIU, you will feel the aura of peace, unity, sharing and effective knowledge transfer. Our location on the African continent will particularly give you that amazing experience when you visit or study with us; who wouldn’t want the breeze from the historical monsoon winds, as you enjoy the magnificent sea coast –the longest of it’s kind in Africa! Despite being semi-arid, the central parts of Somalia receive magical rains! The temperatures are just fine; not extreme!

You will definitely have no much reason of why you wouldn’t associate with a University that has taken remarkable efforts to improve the quality of higher education and gainful employment of youths in Somalia; we need your support to go further! Choose Somali International University today and be part of the history makers!

On behalf of my team, I once again wish to thank you very much for your time and feel free to contact us using the contacts here in.
Director International Programs and Linkages (International Office),